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CVCC Travel to Cape Verde with Babson College Students

CVCC Travel to Cape Verde with Babson College Students

Cape Verde Children’s Coalition recently traveled to Cape Verde with two of Babson College’s Bernon scholars Marissa Uvanovic and Martika Jenkins. David Nadelman, Program Director and Co-Founder of CVCC, spoke to a group of students at his alma mater about his entrepreneurial effort to get Cape Verde Children’s Coalition launched and adopted by JRI.  Over the week-long journey to Cape Verde, Marissa and Martika were introduced to Praia, Sao Vicente and Santo Antao.

In Praia, the scholars got to get a first hand look at life in Cape Verde including getting the opportunity to meet David’s host family from the Peace Corps. Their favorite sights in Praia included Cidade Velha and the open air market.They experienced the joy of eating cachupa and amazing fresh fish.

After leaving Praia, David, Martika, and Marissa went on to Sao Vicente. In Sao Vicente they in toured the island’s youth centers and worked at Nho Djunga to get to know the boys and also help David with inventory and conducting an equipment needs analysis.

During this trip to San Vicente, CVCC was able to officially register as a non-profit, which will enables us to pursue grants and foundation support that is available to local organizations only.

One of the students recalled that she had never seen a location with such amazing potential yet lacking so many basics today. Getting Babson College and other students involved in this effort is an important part of our outreach process. It was been truly incredible to see how they responded to the children’s day-to-day struggles and joy and the ongoing effect of this trip has had on them.

If you are interested in long-term volunteering at ICCA in Sao Vicente, please contact David at Opportunities will be available in 2013.

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